Anyone who knows me in real life knows how much I obsess over backpacks. And the funny thing is that I don’t know the magic behind them. I just love backpacks.

I can’t tell you how many days that I spent looking up backpacks on Amazon and on Google, trying to find the aesthetics of it matched with the optimal storage and space. There is a subtle message that a good backpack sends to people. This could be my equivalent to women and purses/wallets. Everyone has their niche. Mine is backpacks, headphones, shoes, laptops, and hoodies.

I use three backpacks in my everyday life. One for day trips, one for longer trips/miscellaneous, and one for school. I guess I’ll talk about it from size.

My first backpack is a small, purple, Jansport backpack I got in the middle of high school. It is VERY small, smaller than most people would think. But it can hold a very large amount of things. The most I’ve held in it was a phone charger, cord, two regular sized books, a water bottle, and a decent amount of food. This is my go-to to going to work or a friend’s house. I’m not a big fan of owning a lot and since I don’t own a lot, it works out for me. I adorned the backpack with pins from the video game, The World Ends With You that I found on Etsy. I love them and they have lasted since 9th grade of high school, despite two of them falling off of it. Gotta represent my roots.

My second backpack is messenger bag. Its a single-strapped, pull over the shoulder bag. It’s shaped like a dorito chip, but it’s black. This backpack is useful, but only situational. It doesn’t have many compartments nor much padding, so I am pretty weary of putting things in there. I don’t want to accidentally hit something and a valuable object I’m carrying is injured. I used to take this one places, but it became too much of a worry to carry if I won’t guarantee of my belongings’ safety. I think if I ever travel for a couple of days, instead of taking a suit case, I will just take this.

My third backpack is my school backpack. My school backpack is the ultimate backpack. Sporting grey and orange, it has three different main compartments, each for different sized objects (including a slot for a computer), a thermal pouch to contain food (which will keep its temperature consistent for about 4 hours, and many small compartments that I fill up with school supplies. This backpack I got on my trip last year to Washington, D.C. at a WalMart. One of my best impulsive purchases ever. The only problem with it is that it doesn’t distribute weight very well, so it drags me backwards sometimes since the bottom isn’t truly flat on its own. It is a very reliable backpack, as it takes rain fairly well, has multiple spots to keep items that I’ll need for later (umbrella, lotion, hand sanitize, etc.)

So yeah, here’s a quick spheal about the backpacks I own. I’m always looking for more backpacks that I can use, especially to replace my dorito-shaped messenger bag. I need more useful and quality bags, especially a medium sized one. If anyone has any advice or recommendations, let me know. Thanks for the read.



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