Power, an alternative definition

I can’t explain how much power that small blue button with white text holds.

I couldn’t show you what could happen if you were to hit post.

But all I know is what we share creates our future molds.

It can decide whether we become that dream job or work at a cafe roast.

What I am trying to say is that power nowadays is accessible to anyone. We can talk about anything to anyone. We can create anything with anyone. We can destroy anything with anyone.

It always worries me whenever I got that “tweet” button on Twitter.

“How will my audience view what I say?”

“Can this potentially damage my or another’s reputation?”

“What positive or negative trend will become of this?”

All these questions scramble through my brain.

What’s worse is when people post without even thinking it over. I saw a video of this girl sending a text to what I can only assume to be a guy or close friend of theirs. They had a text message composed of a length compared to your standard college essay. She was furiously typing out her ideas and emotions and hit send. No filter.

The message I’m trying to send is be wary of what you post. Make sure that you have a specific audience and imagine yourself in their shoes trying to interpret your message. I believe that problems can be solved as easily as they present themselves. Be conscious and safe.


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