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Hello! And welcome to my WordPress site! I am Josh, a young Black writer with a voice that needs to be spoken and many stories waiting to be told.

This is my personal blog posting site that I try to focus on. I do work outside, in a of partnership collaboration called “Feeling Drives Work.”

My main purpose for writing is to record events. Too many stories go untold because their is no “proof” of it, so here’s the proof. Here’s a record of all of the emotions and experiences that people have. I want my words to help shape the world, and if it’s one person at a time, that’s good change in my opinon.

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I hope you find these readings well and expect more!

– Josh, or “J.E.”

Latest Posts

– untitled love entry –

A blue moon ago, I was asked, “What does it mean to love?” Well, I think I have an attempt to an answer. To love someone is to have someone else love you when you hate yourself. Understand the difference in each other, build a bridge to comprehend perspectives. Ground yourself, reteach you how to…

Thank You

Yellow hoodie, wet from the rain, don’t fade away from such a small stain. Instead, say thank you.

A Love Letter

Dear 11 year old me, I see your world crumbling. I know the walls around you are shaking, the floors breaking. I can hear the sound of the air vibrate so violently, and the strength in your legs weakening. I can see each tear be born, mature, and die. Your eyes tell it all. The…

Facing Adversity

Amanda, you were right. When faced with adversity or an awesome presence, I talk big talk, but shrink and hurt myself for not being enough. I’m challenging habits that I spent 10 years making and fixing them to work out my school schedule. People always called me the “golden boy,” the “one who will do…

Bridges Burned

It doesn’t take a lot for me to be set off nowadays. And yes, I am ware that no one makes me mad, I choose to be mad at them. Or whatever that old coincident saying goes. But the point of it is that I burn bridges and am not the best at fixing the…