Eating Alone

I had an epiphany about spending time with people that I care about today.

I was sitting at my dinner table with my dad, eating homemade tacos. I was asking my brother when he was going to come and eat, since the food was ready. We were waiting for him to finish helping out my mom. I had just finished eating a taco and was going to star the second one when something told me to stop.

My mind flashed forward about 5-10 years and I’m sitting alone in my apartment, by myself. My place is decent enough for a single person in the middle class, but I can just see myself eating mac and cheese and being lonely. I try calling up a friend to talk to them while I eat, but they are busy. I become discouraged and finish my meal in silence.

I snap back to my sense and immediately look my dad in the eyes. I tell him I’m sorry for all of the times I didn’t want to spend time with him or left him alone at the dinner table to do something else.

I know what it’s like to be alone, but not that type of loneliness. That was to difficult, and I had felt some tears start to form for a moment.

No one should dine alone. Make sure to pull up to a seat at the table of someone who’s alone next time, after the pandemic ends and if they are ok with your company. Everyone needs a friend, and everyone needs a chance.


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