If there is one thing that you should never forget, it would be your power, Josh.

You have two unique powers that have the capacity to change the world. You use it for yourself, to make space, but now is the time that you recognize where you want to center your life around.

If it isn’t already stated, your first power is to make “space.” You’ve exhibited it multiple times. You have the power to open up a space for people to talk. This is exhibited by many people, but your space is different. You allow people to test their waters of their vulnerability. In this space, you can only press as far as you wish. People don’t have to retract their statements; they can feel comfortable letting their ideas gracefully fall off of their tongue and exist.

You have always been a sympathetic person, maybe more than you should at some points. Nevertheless, you always wanted to treat people fairly, even if you know they don’t deserve it. You would sacrifice your agency or “power” to let people talk, even if it would abuse you. You always believed that everyone’s voice needed to be heard, even if you gotta say it for them. That’s why people like you, Josh.

You meet them on an equal level, leaving all of the distinctions and discrimination at the door. You invite them into your fictional space, a small table, some fruit in a bowl, a tank filled with water, and a shelf. Walking over to the speaker set-up, you play the song that fits the mood. You don’t mind what the other person is wearing, as you would have your hoodie on, with your jeans and high tops on, wearing your headphones or AirPods, whichever you’re carrying on you.

The table is small because it’s designed to be small. If someone needs more space, the table can expand on either side or both. You know that there have been times where you made distance, but you kept the conversation going. The music is to help you gather your thoughts, so you can formulate your ideas, as you know how long it takes you to get an idea across sometimes.

You know that you need to be a good listener. One of the first lessons that you learned from The World Ends With You, one of your favorite video games. Thanks again Shiki, for teaching me such an important lesson. You don’t know how right you are. You know that the world isn’t in black and white; there is gray area that needs to be addressed case by case. If you need to spend hours defining and refining a term, so be it. Edea from Bravely Default would be proud of you. And sometimes, these spaces turn into fights. Kingdom Hearts taught you well. “There will be times where you have to fight. Keep your light burning strong.” Remember your roots and keep your morals and ethics. Because what defines someone isn’t their life and what they spent doing in it, it’s what they believed and what moves people when they are gone.

Your second power is to use your space, which is “En.”

You forgot what “En” is once again? It seems you forgot about “Auras

The best way to break it down to you would be through language that you are familiar with. Let’s use Hunter X Hunter’s Wikia page to define it. En is an advanced concept of aura.

En (円エン, En; “Circle”) is an advanced application of Ten and Ren.[87]  [Ten] is the process of keeping the [aura] nodes open, but also having aura flow through and around the body rather than away from it. Once maintained, it creates a shroud around the user that feels similar to standing in a lukewarm, viscous fluid. [Ren] focuses on outputting a larger amount of aura than Ten, projecting it outwards explosively. En is when one extends their Ren so that their aura extends further than normal, then uses Ten at the same time to contain and give shape to that aura, normally a sphere.”

You subconsciously allow your aura to come off. Your emotional and mental state reflect your “En,” and you “En” is a powerful weapon, my friend. I know how many times you’ve used it in positive and negative ways. I saw you exclude people out of conversations before, keeping people protected in your “space” while simultaneously removing people who are not allowed or will not contribute negative aspects. But you’ve also deterred friends from helping you. I’ve seen you shaped your “En” in a landmine formation, making anyone who gets into your space explode based off of your emotions.

I need you to remember this, which is why we’re writing it out. We gotta show people how we love and heal so it can be received easier. Imagine all the classes that you’ll be teaching with you “En?” Imagine how you can teach concepts that would be better understood based on your engagement on people, connecting on a personal level? You know that this is your calling, bring your ideas out. You would ward off any malicious attempt with your signature death stare. You can wield your knowledge and entrusted feelings and your future to help others grow, sow more seeds for the future.

This is your power. No one can take it away from you. But please, use it wisely.


“Nen.” Hunterpedia, hunterxhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Nen.


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