I realized that I haven’t formally introduced myself yet. So let’s change that.

I feel the best way to introduce myself is similar to that of an intro to an album. I’m borrowing this idea from NF, my new favorite rapper. Alayna took me to see a concert in late October and there isn’t a day so far where I haven’t listened to his music. But enough about the disclaimer, let’s get to the content.

My name is Josh. I am a college student in Northern California. I go to my local community college. I do not have enough money on my own to afford to go a university. And do to my personal financial situation, my family cannot support me in this endeavor. So everything that I am currently experiencing is based off of my blood, sweat, and tears. I am currently a Sophomore in college, and I will graduate community college in next May. I will be getting my Associates in English for transfer and move to my local university. I currently am taking three classes, but that’s due to me reaching my transfer unit amount very soon.

I am currently working two part time jobs. Well, at the time of me writing this, I work three jobs. I’m quitting my job at a nearby restaurant as I’ve been there as long as I needed to be there.

Like I said, I work at a restaurant, which is the longest position that I have held. I have been there for two years, started looking and getting a job right out of high school.

My second job is being a Student Assistant at my community college. I want to be a professor and study English when I grow up. I also want to dive into history, psychology, and sociology. I don’t do it because I want to teach, but because the more I interact with people, the more I can understand about not only myself, but others, and contribute positively to not only my community but my interpersonal and social relationships as well.

My third job, which I had just gotten two weeks ago, is working at this coffee shop nearby my house. I liked the atmosphere and the energy it gave off, and I applied and thankfully got it. My restaurant job was negatively affecting my mental health, so hopefully the ball is now in my court now.

I spend my free time doing things that anyone would usually do: write, listen to music, bike ride, travel, play video games, watch anime and the like.

I generally write based off what I am feeling, thinking, or remember. If you didn’t know, I also am a co-collaborator on another blog site. It’s called “Feeling Drives Work.” I work with a high school friend of mine to give us a reason to write more and practice what we love.

I listen to music a lot, as you can tell from my previous posts. Music is a great portion in my life, and even more now. A lot of my ideas and inspiration comes from the aura the songs get off and my own personal experiences that are tied to the music I listen to, and for those to come.

I like to bike ride a lot, as I frequently get around my hometown that way. I go to different places and take photos with my brother, girlfriend, and cousin.

I travel quite a lot, but I haven’t been out of the country just yet. The farthest I have ever been was to the Atlantic Ocean. I have a jar of Atlantic ocean water and sand in a jar in my room, with a souvenir buried in it, sitting in my room.

I also play video games quite a bit. Some of my favorites are Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Octopath Traveler, The World Ends With You, Bravely Default, and Bravely Second. There’s many more, but those are the ones that I wanted to use to get the conversation going.

I’m going to do more intros in the future, maybe set up a system or something about it. I do this so 1) I can establish myself and 2) To be able to see what my life was like before and see how my perception of things have changed so far, as my life has changed so many times.

Until next time.



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