Lazy Day

The 3.5mm cord connecting my headphones to my iPhone make my skin crawl. It’s texture and nonconforming style won’t allow me to tie it together correctly for it not to be too long. But it doesn’t bother me today, as I’m spending today under the tree at the park.

It’s cold outside, but I like that. My hoodie is keeping me warm, and the blue blanket underneath me is absorbing the fresh valley dew. With one leg supporting the other, I take up a position to fully help me unwind. I need the break, as life has been nonstop since high school. Fortune favors the hungry, and I’m starving.

Spotify on my phone is trying to entice me to fall into corporate schemes, but I’m too at ease to be bothered. I’m a fan of organic, ground up ideas. Not some watered down compromise over money. Listening to my playlist, resolving my New Year’s Resolution to listen to new music, I have found a new style that fits my aesthetic. It feels so good to feel comfortable with myself for once. No more voices in my head asking my heart and mind if we are sure with what we are doing. No second guesses, just first tries.

I get a text from Elizabeth. Lifting my phone to my face, I see her message, “I love you,” surrounded by my wallpaper, the planets painted in a faded, acrylic pattern. She is my everything, as the phone image shows her message surrounded by the earth’s everything: space. She, along with my loved ones, are the only space that I want to be surrounded by. And everyday I’m reminded of that fact.

Lifting my body up and wiping off any leftover grass on my body, I begin to stretch. My body can’t be too tense, as it’s prepping itself for the fusion of my journey. Today we can sit back and look at what we’ve accomplished. A breath of fresh air in a sandstorm of worry. A walk without having our guard up.

But I think I’ve done enough relaxing. Being determined means you can’t rest for too long. I must walk again. But I know that I’m not alone. I have more happy times to see, and more people to be there for, just as others are here for me.

Thank you for the lazy day, life. I need it.



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